Our New Panel is here

Welcome to Panel1.UltraStreams.US

We are ready for the new control panel.

UltraStreams.US is proud to offer it's newest control panel with even more features:

  • Support for the most popular streaming solutions:
    • Icecast (Icecast-KH)
    • Shoutcast
    • Shoutcast 2
  • Popular features for Radio station owners:
    • DJ accounts
    • Updated AutoDJ system
    • Create your own custom mount points inside the control panel
    • New Flash Player available
    • updated statistics system
      • download historical statistics
    • new album cover services
  • New localisation options
  • and much more.

for more information, please

Client area and check out our knowledge base articles and online announcement.

contact us so we can help you get your station taking advantage of these exciting new features of our control panel.